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The Way In: Journal Writing for Self-Discovery

"The urge to write can come from anywhere–the desire to have a serious conversation with yourself, the need to sort out what seems like an overwhelming number of tasks, the urge to capture the past or pin down a current insight, the impulse to record an event or perceptions of an event, or simply the desire to create a record of life's journey."

–Rita D. Jacobs

"Keeping a journal is not about perfecting one's internal life. Sometimes it's just about letting go. 'Forgive or Relive' is a maxim Jacobs cherishes."

–Cecilie S. Berry in The Washington Post

"If you want to keep a journal but can't quite begin, The Way In, by Rita Jacobs, should get you going. The author offers encouragement using celebrated excerpts and simple writing exercises."

–Elizabeth Gaynor in Parade Magazine

"William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, 'To Thine Own Self Be True.' But how does one remain true to Shakespeare's maxim within our modern times when the self seems as difficult to reach as the life forms at the bottom of the ocean. Thankfully, Rita D. Jacobs' delightful, concise book, The Way In, provides the necessary oxygen for our deep journey to the bottomless pit of our self."

–Bohdan Kot

"So take the time: slow down and smell the ink and paper and start keeping a journal. You'd have no better guide on your path to self-discovery than 'The Way In.'"

-Nicole Eaton, The Jewish Advocate

"In The Way In, Jacobs sets off with the premise that whatever is written deserves to be there; the writer is not focusing on correct grammar or altering the facts to alleviate any pain, but rather allowing thoughts to unravel in whichever direction they move."
–Hadar Avraham in The Jewish Press