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"Struggling for Truth: 3G Holocaust Fiction." in Paper Brigade, Volume 1, 2017

An article discussing narrative strategies in Third Generation Holocaust fiction by authors including Jonathan Safran Foer and Nicole Krauss, among others.

From Journal to Memoir

A series of columns commissioned by Random House for its Biographile website.

Recent work available online

Elizabeth Strout's Writing Advice

Review of "What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank" by Nathan Englander

Review of "Metamaus" by Art Spiegelman

Article on Martin Amis and Gary Oldman

The Way In: Journal Writing for Self-Discovery

The Way In provides inspirational techniques for getting started and staying with it. This beautiful book is filled with ideas for a number of different types of journals–from free-form to list-holding, gratitude to birding–plus a wide variety of stimulating, easy-to-follow topics and writing exercises to get you started.

Tommy: The Musical

This Pantheon book offers a unique glimpse into the making of the hit show The Who's Tommy. Jacobs was Editorial Director of the large format photo book which includes her essays on backstage events, interviews with Pete Townshend and Des McAnuff and quotes from the cast.